Vaginoplasty Consultation

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You will need to have at least one, if not more consultations before having a vaginoplasty.  These consultations are really important, not just for you but for your surgeon as well.  You will be able to ask them any questions that you have before the surgery, as well as gaining reassurance on the risks and complications that might arise due to having a vaginoplasty.  During your consultation be prepared to answer questions concerning your:

  • Health and lifestyle.  Habits such as smoking, how much exercise you take, your overall health, previous illness and medications or vitamins will need to be discussed.
  • Reasons for you wanting a vaginoplasty.
  • Your expectations for the surgery
  • Concerns about the risks involved with having a vaginoplasty

It is very important that you are honest about your problems, concerns and expectations for the surgery.  It might be that a vaginoplasty is simply not necessary, that there are alternatives such as pelvic floor exercises that you ought to try first, or that surgery would potentially be too risky for you due to other previous health problems.  Your surgeon is concerned with your health and wellbeing, and will not perform any surgery that is unnecessary or dangerous. 

Booking an Vaginoplasty Consultation

If you are having the procedure on the NHS then you will be talked through and guided by your GP.  You will be informed of the dates of the consultation and will generally be told where to be and when. 

If having the procedure privately then you will have to make the appointment yourself.  This is actually very straightforward once you have decided where you are having the surgery.  There are many private clinics online that will grant you a consultation once you have phoned or emailed them.  Alternatively your GP might be able to give you information on surgeons within the area who are qualified to perform a vaginoplasty.  All surgeons will be keen to have an in-depth consultation.

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