Vaginoplasty Preparation

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Before you undergo vaginoplasty surgery you will need to have a consultation with your surgeon, and will be given advice on what to do in order to prepare for the surgery. 

Before you have the surgery your surgeon will take blood and urine samples in order to ensure your good health and whether or not you are pregnant.  They will ask you about your expectations for the surgery and will discuss the surgery options with you in full, giving you details of what they can achieve and the risks associated with them.  Issues such as the type of anaesthetic used and the procedure used are best fully discussed so that you and your surgeon can come to a mutual decision.  It is very important that you are very honest with your surgeon, and voice any concerns that you might have.  It is very important that you trust your surgeon and that and issues or concerns are addressed so that you are fully aware and happy with the treatment. 

It is likely that you will have photographs taken of your vaginal area so that a difference can be seen after you have the surgery. This will be done during a consultation and in a sensitive manner, allowing both you and the surgeon the chance to see what an impact a vaginoplasty has had. 

If you decide to continue with the surgery after your consultation then your surgeon will give you advice on how to prepare in the days beforehand.  It is likely that you will be asked to stop smoking, as this can seriously impede your recovery, and avoid or take certain vitamins or medications.  Your surgeon will give you specific advice regarding this.  It is also possible that details of the surgery and information on recovery will be passed over to your regular GP so that they can help you throughout your recovery. 

Any vaginal surgery cannot be performed when you are on your period.  Due to this it is important to plan the surgery around your cycle in order to ensure that it is at the right time.  The best time to conduct a vaginoplasty is immediately following your period, this ensures that when you next complete your cycle the wound will be healed and won’t be irritated by the bleeding.

It is also important that before you have the surgery you organise your recovery.  You will be unable to drive yourself home after the procedure, and it might be a good idea to get someone to help you for the first few days of your recovery. 

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