Vaginoplasty Recovery

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After your vaginoplasty surgery you will feel sore in that area for a while, and the anaesthetic will take a while to wear off.  It is important that you don’t drive home yourself and instead arrange for someone else to come and pick you up.  Likewise it is also a good idea to have someone on hand to help you out in the next few days.  For the first few days after surgery you are likely to be given pain medication from your surgeon or doctor to control the discomfort, and walking may be uncomfortable.  After this it is possible to control the pain using over the counter medication, although any that may thin the blood, such as aspirin, ought to be avoided to prevent any additional bleeding.  As a general rule you will experience some discomfort for around two weeks after the surgery, although everyone’s recovery is different and often women find the pain subsides within days.  Most women can return to work within a week, although depending on your job it might be longer. 

Following a vaginoplasty it is very important that you maintain high standards of hygiene in order to allow the area to heal as quickly as possible and to avoid any infection.  It is a good idea to wash the area following visits to the toilet, you will be given advice on this by your surgeon. 

There may be some bruising to the vaginal area following vaginal tightening surgery.  This will dissipate within a few days, and any scars left are invisible to the eye, being mainly inside the vagina. 

It is generally accepted that you ought to wait for a month to six weeks after having a vaginoplasty before you start to have intercourse again.  Also you ought to use an alternative to tampons as any object placed within the vagina can irritate the wound.  Your surgeon will make an examination at this time and alert you if you ought to wait longer, or give you the go ahead to continue normal activities. 

It will take around two or three months before the full result of the vaginoplasty can be seen and all of the healing completed.  Then your surgeon will take ‘after’ photographs and show you the difference that your surgery has made.  After this time you will be able to continue your life as you did previously, and enjoy the results of your surgery. 

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