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It is very important that before you have your vaginoplasty you ensure that your surgeon is fully qualified and experienced with the procedure.  A vaginoplasty is becoming a more and more common gynaecological procedure, and more surgeons are becoming practised in the art.  Your GP will be able to give you advice on surgeons within the area who can undertake this form of surgery.  The surgeon performing your vaginoplasty ought to be a gynaecological surgeon. 

In the UK there are specialists within the field of plastic and gynaecological surgery, and finding one of these to conduct your surgery would give you the best chance of a good result with no complications and much fewer risks.  These surgeons are registered with the Healthcare Commission, and are also listed on the General Medical Council, this can be accessed over the Internet or your GP can find out the information for you. 

It is important to realise that not every surgeon can perform vaginal tightening surgery, and only those who have had specific training and experience ought to conduct one.  All surgeons qualified to practice will have either FRCS or BAAPS after their names, indicating their affiliation with a surgical body that only allows those fully trained to join.  Your surgeon will not mind you asking about their training and experience during a consultation, and will encourage you do so in order to properly reassure you of their experience.  

If you have the surgery abroad then it is up to you to ensure that your surgeon is appropriately qualified to perform a vaginoplasty.  Different countries have different training and alternative qualifications, so you need to ensure that your surgeon is knowledgeable and practised in gynaecology and surgery. 

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