Vaginoplasty Suitability - Am I a Suitable Candidate?

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In order to have a vaginoplasty you will have to undergo an examination by your surgeon to determine your eligibility and ensure that having the surgery is suitable for your condition.  It might be that you don’t have a big problem and having the surgery is not necessary or that other exercises have not yet been tried and could work.  Having vaginal tightening surgery should not be viewed as a quick fix post-pregnancy to tighten up the vaginal muscles, other alternatives which might take a bit more time are a better way to restore your vaginal muscles.  Having the surgery when it is not necessary can lead to over-tightening and this can in turn cause pain when having intercourse. 

Surgery can have serious risks for those who have previous health problems, and as a result you may not be able to have the surgery if you have past heart problems or allergies to anaesthetics.  Your surgeon will take all of your health history into account and decide whether the surgery would pose you any risks or not.

If you are pregnant then it is not possible for you to have a vaginoplasty, it would be better to wait until a year after having your baby so that you can try other alternatives before undergoing surgery.  For this reason it is recommended that if you have no children but intend to have some in the future that you wait until afterwards to have the surgery. 

Ideally you would have a large enough problem for a vaginoplasty to create a big difference to your life, with no risks posed from surgery due to previous health problems.  You would be realistic about what a vaginoplasty can achieve, and prepared to undertake all the advice given by your surgeon in order to aid your recovery. 

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