Topical Anaesthetic

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In addition to General and Local Anaesthetics, some procedures may be carried out with the aid of a Topical Anaesthetic.  In this case, a specific anaesthetic – usually in the form of a cream, spray, or lotion – is applied directly to an area of the body, ranging from skin surfaces to inside orifices or even on the surface of the eyeball. 

Just as with other forms of anaesthetic, a topical anaesthetic can be used to numb an area of skin prior to minor procedures, particularly in opthalmology (eye surgery) and dentistry.  However, topical anaesthetics can also be used in everyday instances, such as relieving pain, irritation, itching, sunburn and insect bites.  Often such treatments are combined with antibacterial agents to help prevent infection and aid the healing process.  Many of these kinds of products are available in a modified form in your local chemist or pharmacy.

Some laser hair removal clinics will use a Topical Anaesthetic on the area of hair removal, to help reduce the discomfort.