Neck Laser Hair Removal

The neck is actually quite a common place for both men and women to have laser hair removal treatments. Thick, coarse hair can grow on the neck and this is commonly found in men and can be unsightly and embarrassing. Though much of the time this hair could be covered up by clothing or growing your hair long enough to cover the neck, knowing it’s there alone is sometimes enough to make you permanently self-conscious about it, and it would be nice to not have to go to such lengths to hide excessive hair growth. The bottom or nape of the neck is the most commonly treated part of the neck.

Advantages over other Hair Removal Methods

Your neck is not the easiest part of your body to accurately remove excess body hair from. It can be hard to shave or wax the bottom of your neck yourself. Some women prefer to get rid of the hair that extends from their head hairline to around the back of the neck. This hair can be quite noticeable when hair is tied up, as it can extend around to the side of the neck.  Having laser hair removal treatments could put an end to this problem, as you could achieve long-term hair free results.

Considerations for Laser Hair Removal on the Neck

Similar considerations apply to having laser hair removal on your neck, as they would do for any other part of your body. Potential side effects include scarring, burns and pigment changes, and these could make you just as self-conscious about your neck as the excess hair did. It is advisable that you have a patch test before starting any treatment courses. 

Suitable Laser Treatments for Laser Hair Removal on the Neck

Neck laser hair removal is most suitable for those with light skin and dark hair. All forms of laser systems and IPL can be used on neck hair. Your practitioner will advise you of the best treatment for you, taking into your own specific needs into consideration. Further, all laser hair removal clinics do not have each type of laser hair removal machine.

Number of Treatments Needed for Neck Laser Hair Removal

The number of treatments you will need to get good results from neck laser hair removal, depends upon a number of factors including your skin type and colour, and your hair type and colour. You should be advised on the outset, on the number of treatments that you may require. Your treatment time for each session will be quite short since the neck is not a particularly large area. As with treatment on other body parts, repeat treatments will likely be needed in the future to maintain your results.

Treatment Costs for Laser Hair Removal on the Neck

The cost of laser hair removal treatment will depend upon your chosen treatment and practitioner, and perhaps also, the amount of hair growth on your neck. The general price per treatment session is around £85. There will usually be a fee of around £25 for a patch test.

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