Causes of Hair Re-growth After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Changes in your body such as pregnancy or menopause can cause hair follicles which have been rendered dormant by laser hair removal to reactivate and grow new hair. This is due to the changes in hormone levels which take place during these events. Also people with other hormone imbalances can see hair re-growth. Excessive levels of testosterone and other androgens in women can cause embarrassing hair to grow on areas such as the face, and laser hair removal treatment can help reduce this growth. If the hormone is still present at high levels though, hair growth can continue.

The stage the body hair is at in its growth cycle when undergoing laser treatment can affect whether it grows back or not. Hair follicles which are in the dormant phase of hair production before treatment can reactivate after treatment. Repeat sessions of treatment will be needed in cases like these, to remove the hair which has grown and give long lasting hair free results again. 

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