Men’s Chest Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair is a growing concern for many men. Using laser light energy, laser hair removal kills the hair at the root, ensuring longer lasting results than shaving or waxing and a less painful procedure than electrolysis. The procedure itself is straightforward; hair is shaved and cleaned and an anaesthetic cream is applied. The laser then emits pulsed beams of concentrated light which damages the hair follicle. Best results occur in those with light skin and dark hair but it should be avoided by those who have sensitive skin.

Treatment Time for Chest Laser Hair Removal Treatment

On average, 3-8 treatments are required for an effective outcome, each lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. Most men are satisfied with these results although it is important to note that annual touch-up treatments are recommended given that male body hair growth increases with age.

Following Chest Hair Removal

The chest is a sensitive area but as lasers are far less invasive than the needles used in electrolysis, this procedure is typically much less painful. Mild discomfort can be expected but very little aftercare is required other than pain relieving cream. It is advised to wear sunscreen on the area for 48 hours after treatment and to avoid tanning (outside or in a tanning salon) for at least two weeks. Within a fortnight skin should be back to normal – with much less hair.

Cost of Chest Laser Hair Removal

The cost of chest laser hai removal tends to vary as pattern of hair growths are different.  Some laser hair removal clinics charge a fixed fee per treatment, others a price per laser pulse used. A typical current price range for chest hair removal is £75.00-£140.00 per treatment. Some clinics offer discounts if booked in advance or with other treatments so it is worthwhile to shop around.

Finding a Clinic

Treatments can be given by medical professionals or trained beauticians. While the risks involved with laser hair removal are minimal (skin can be left with dark or pale patches which should fade within a couple of months) finding a reputable practitioner is vital. Do your homework – search around and make sure that the person performing the laser hair removal is qualified and experienced. Try and speak to someone who has used the clinic and undergone the same procedure.  Do your research, ask questions and be well informed.    

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