Laser Hair Removal on the Stomach

Getting rid of body hair can be a tiresome problem with methods such as shaving and waxing requiring frequent maintenance. Laser hair removal is a high tech solution, which can result in 90% hair reduction for long periods of time.

Just as with electrolysis, laser hair removal is effective because it penetrates the skin to kill the hair at the root. The advantage of this method however, is that the lasers are much less invasive and therefore it is generally considered to be a less painful solution. In addition, while electrolysis needs to target hairs individually, laser hair removal can attack multiple hairs at once ensuring that the procedure is much less time consuming. This means that for people looking to have larger areas of hair removed, such as the stomach, laser hair removal may well be a better option.

Both men and women may want to have laser hair removal on their stomach and you may find that stomach hair fluctuates through hormonal changes in women, such as during pregnancy. Though you will not be able to have laser hair removal on your stomach if you are pregnant, this may be an option after the baby is born.

In terms of cost, prices of laser hair removal vary from laser hair removal clinic to clinic as different methods of charging still exist. Some clinics charge a fixed fee per treatment, others price per length of treatment and many use a price per laser pulse used system of pricing. These means that factors such as the size of the area to treated, the level of hair growth involved and the speed of technician can all be significant. Furthermore, many clinics offer discounts if treatment is booked in advance or with other procedures. However, to give a typical current rate, patients can expect prices of around £86-£100 per treatment for the stomach area. Multiple treatments are required to achieve optimum results – again this varies from person to person, but an average amount is considered to be around 6-12 procedures.

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