Removing Hair in-between Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hair can re-grow in-between your laser hair removal treatments. This new hair usually tends to be patchier, thinner and lighter than the hair that would have grown before treatment. With weeks between appointments it could be frustrating to put up with this hair until your next appointment, so you can still get rid of this unwanted hair in the mean time. Your practitioner should explain what you are allowed to do to remove this hair, and if you have any questions you should contact your practitioner.

Laser Hair Removal Dont’s

Plucking and waxing are no-go areas. You should not pluck or wax the unwanted hair between treatments. Processes such as plucking and waxing will interfere with the root of the hair follicle and the whole follicle itself. The follicle has to remain intact for laser hair removal to work effectively, so waxing and plucking could negatively effect further laser hair removal treatments you have. Other processes which you should not carry out include tweezing and bleaching.

Laser Hair Removal Do’s

In between laser hair removal sessions, you are allowed to shave the unwanted hair, which has regrown. Shaving will only take off the hair on the surface of the skin and will not directly affect the hair follicle. It is recommended that you avoid shaving the area you have treated for the first few days after treatment. This allows the area to heal better and helps to stop inflicting the area with anymore trauma. After around four days you can start shaving any hair, which re-grows.

You can also use your shaving pattern as a guide to how well you laser hair removal treatment is working. If the treatment is working effectively for you, you should see yourself shaving less than before and this should reduce with the more treatments you have. If you find yourself shaving just as much as you did before having treatment, then perhaps laser hair removal is not working effectively for you and you should raise your concerns with your practitioner.   

Hair Shedding & Hair Re-growth

Several days after having a laser hair removal treatment, you should start to see the hair on the treated area begin to shed and fall out. Sometimes you can mistake this process for hair regrowth. This is not the case though, and you should be careful not to get the two mixed up. If you have any queries you should consult your practitioner.

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