Consultation for Laser Hair Removal

It is important and a basic legal requirement, to have a proper consultation before laser hair removal treatment. The consultation should cover the following areas: 

  • Full and detailed medical history (including medications which could possibly contraindicate the treatment) and an examination of the area you want to have treated
  • Discussion of your reasons for wanting treatment
  • Discussion of your expectations of the outcome
  • Discussion of the laser hair removal treatment options and other options open to you
  • An introduction to the laser treatment and treatment course
  • Discussion of skin typing and a test patch treatment
  • Pre-treatment care
  • Post treatment care
  • Obtaining your informed consent if you decide to go ahead with the treatment

Research Your Practitioner First

It is very important that you research a doctor or practitioner before agreeing to any treatments. You should remember that at the end of the day they are trying to sell you something that will cost you a fair amount of money, and something that costs them tens of thousands of pounds to buy in the first place.

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