Shoulders Laser Hair Removal

While many of the laser hair removal treatments discussed in this guide are focused largely on women, excessive hair on the back and shoulders is generally a concern for men rather than women, although as a woman, depending on your ethnicity and hair type, you may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your shoulders, or potentially ‘un-feminine.’  However, this particular type of laser hair removal treatment is perhaps the most commonly carried out on men. 

One obvious consideration in removing hair from the back or shoulders is that, unlike any area on the front of the body, which can be easily reached by the individual themselves to shave or treat with an alternative depilatory product, these areas are almost impossible to reach by yourself.  Also, they are parts of the body that are often on show, particularly in the warmer months.  For these reasons, laser hair removal may well be the best option for dealing with your unwanted back or shoulder hair. 

As with all laser hair removal procedures, the effects are long-term, although it usually takes a few more sessions to achieve a fully smooth look – in men in particular, hair on the skin of the back can be quite dense.  You may need to be prepared to undergo up to 12 separate sessions of laser treatment to achieve the desired effect.

One possible consideration is that, due to the nature of the skin on the back and shoulders, you may experience a minor degree of discomfort while the procedure is being carried out, particularly if you have a lot of hair to remove.  However, with the use of a cooling topical gel or similar, the sensation should be far more bearable that plucking or waxing, as it doesn’t involve tearing the follicle from the skin.  

Generally speaking, then, the procedure should be virtually pain-free, and the aesthetic results can provide a tremendous boost to an individual’s self esteem. 

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