Legs Laser Hair Removal

Probably one of the most time consuming aspects of a woman’s grooming routine is the removal of hair on the legs.  Although shaving the lower part of your legs may only take a few minutes, if you are doing this on a daily basis, the time soon mounts up.  Waxing gives a longer result, but can be painful; hair removal creams are messy and time consuming. 

Since most women prefer the sensation of smoothness on their legs, there is a huge market for a wide range of products designed to give you silky smooth skin.  However, the only long-term form of hair removal is laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal on the legs can, when fully completed, give a smoother result than even freshly shaven skin.  Two important things to remember are:

  • One treatment of laser hair removal will not completely remove your leg hair.  Hair grows in a cycle, and therefore you will need several treatments to successfully treat every hair follicle in its various stages of the growth cycle.  It is a process that can require up to twelve sessions (although many women reach a satisfactory result with 6-8 or so treatments.)  This may seem awkward and time-consuming, but when considered against the many hours you might spend on other, temporary depilatory treatments over your lifetime, it is very little.
  • Laser hair removal is not cheap – depending on the extent of the surface area you want treated, you may have to spend up to several hundred pounds.  However, compared to the cost of buying other depilatory treatments over the years, you would be making an effective and substantial saving overall.

Even if laser hair removal doesn’t remove every single hair, it will reduce hair growth dramatically.  In practical terms, you can expect the procedure to take about an hour each time for both legs.  This can vary depending from person to person.  For the best results, you may need to have follow-up treatments once or twice a year.

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