Repeat Sessions for Laser Hair Removal

The number of sessions in your original course of laser hair removal treatment is tailored to your own skin/hair colour and type with aim of giving you the best possible results, but repeat sessions can be needed in the long-term future. Often only one or two repeat sessions are needed to remove the hair which has grown back and prevent it from doing so again. This may be necessary one year later, or after several years. This is dependent upon the body area and the level of hair re-growth. Your practitioner will discuss this with you before undergoing any further treatments. Often after undergoing laser hair removal any hair re-growth is patchy and finer, so full-scale hair re-growth after treatment is not expected and very uncommon. If hair does re-grow after treatments don’t be disheartened, it will not be as unsightly as before treatment and can be removed again with another session.

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