Patch Tests for Laser Hair Removal

After discussing laser hair removal treatment and obtaining your consent for the procedure, the next stage of the process is for your practitioner to carry out a patch test on a small area of skin. Patch tests are an essential part of the pre-treatment process. The point of the patch test is to determine the level of laser energy that will be needed to give you the best possible results. This patch test will also give you an idea of what having laser hair removal treatment will be like and how it will feel. It will also show you and your practitioner any adverse effects or highlight any problems with the treatment. It is much better for such problems to come to light at this stage than after a full treatment; as the effects will only be seen on a small area and your course of treatment can be adapted before it begins. A laser hair removal patch test will help to minimise the risk of side effects and increase your chances of getting effective results.

When to Carry Out the Patch Test

There is variation on when a patch test is carried out.  It is usually carried out around 3 or 4 days before starting treatment. Some laser hair removal clinics prefer to leave a longer gap, to ensure that there are no slowly progressing side effects.  Completing the patch test well before treatment, will allow plenty of time for just about all possible side effects that could appear, to do so. The patch test can also be used to try and estimate the results you will get from your course of laser hair treatments.

Patch Test Queries

You may wish to find out if the practitioner carrying out your patch test is the same person who will be carrying out your treatment course. To settle any niggling doubts you have prior to the patch test, you can ask about the practitioner’s experience at using the laser and how many people they have treated with it. You should also ask how much hair is needed on the patch test area and if there is anything you should or shouldn’t do to or put on your skin before the test.      

Laser Hair Removal Patch Test Prices

The price of having the patch test is generally very low compared to the price of your treatments. The general price range is around £25 but this is sometimes deducted from the course of treatment. Other laser hair removal salons and clinics, offer free patch tests.

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