Types of Lasers used for Hair Removal

There are many ways that you can remove unwanted hair from your body.  Shaving, waxing and epilating are widely used on a regular basis by men and women, however these techniques are not permanent.  The hair grows back, in some cases quicker than others.  A better long-term solution is to have unwanted hair removed through the use of a laser.  This treatment has become more and more popular over the years, and now there are many places that offer this treatment.

Hair removal can be achieved using different types of laser, and these have been developed over the years to quickly, safely and often painlessly, remove unwanted hairs.  Different lasers offer certain advantages, and there are a wide variety of machines used within clinics in the UK.

  • Ruby lasers.  This form of laser has been developed to be as painless as possible.  It works by slowly emitting heat before and after each laser blast throughout the treatment, making it less noticeable.  The hairs can be precisely targeted and there is little harm done to the skin.  This treatment is often recommended for people with a light skin tone.
  • Alaxandrite lasers.  Well known for being an almost universal system, the Alexandrite laser has been developed to allow hair removal treatments for a wide range of skin and hair colours.  The light released is red, and is known for producing minimal re-growth, this combined with the heat produced damages the hair follicles.
  • Nd:YAG.  Also known as ‘Neodymium’ the Nd:YAG laser emits infra-red light and can be used in conjunction with a carbon lotion that allows the laser to penetrate deep enough to the hair follicle to remove the hair.  This type of laser is newer to hair removal treatments, but has been proven to be very effective in removing hair.  The treatment might need repetition, however, as the results sometimes fade over time.
  • Diode laser.  Using a long wavelength the Diode laser works to perform effective hair removal while protecting the skin and producing as little damage as possible. 
  • Intense Pulsed Light laser (IPL).  This system emits very short bursts of light at high speed. The frequency of the bursts and the strength of the IPL can be easily controlled, allowing it to be used on sensitive skin and over a range of different skin pigments and side effects are rare. Stricktly speaking, an IPL machine does not use a 'laser'.

Most modern laser hair removal machines use a variety of wavelengths and laser types to allow a broad range of skin types and tones to be treated.  These machines will utilise the lasers to customise your treatment.

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