Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal treatment is another thing to consider when deciding upon whether laser hair treatment is right for you. When you think about the amount of money you have spent over the years buying hair removal products; razors, shaving foams and creams, wax strips etc, and always trying the latest wonder product promising to end your tedious hair removal routine and take away the body hair you so long to be gone; it probably mounts up to quite a large sum. So paying a sum of money which could make this kind of routine a thing of the past, is perhaps a worthwhile option to consider.

The cost of having laser hair removal treatment would have to be met by you in most cases; it is very rare for the treatment costs to be met by the NHS. Generally, the only way in which the costs would be covered by the NHS would be if your excessive body hair is caused by a medical condition. It is advised that before deciding to have laser hair removal you should book an appointment with your GP to discuss excessive body hair to see if there is a medical reason for its growth.

The cost of having laser hair removal can vary from practice to practice. Generally, the price is related to the treatment you choose, the area you intend to have the treatment on, and how many treatments are needed. The area in which you live and your chosen practitioner can also affect the price. Prices in the UK generally range from £40-£400 per treatment session. Small areas like the chin and upper lip tend to cost around £40. Slightly bigger areas e.g. the shoulders and abdomen cost around £90. For larger areas like full arms, legs and back prices start around £180. These prices depend upon the level of hair growth too, with larger areas of thicker excessive hair costing more than thinner areas.

Some practices can charge a fee for every session individually or you can pay for all the sessions you need up front. Some practices offer discounts for paying for all your sessions up front; you should speak to practice staff before deciding on a treatment and practice, to discuss prices and any promotional offers which may save you money. 

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