Back Laser Hair Removal (for Men and Women)

Excessive back hair can be an embarrassing problem for both men and women. This is a very common area to have laser hair removal treatment on. It is normal to have back hair, especially if you are male, but if the hair is thick and noticeable this can become a problem. Excessive back hair can also cause a variety of health and body problems including skin irritation and infections. Laser hair removal treatments are widely available to help solve this problem. 

Advantages over other Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal is said to be one of the most effective ways of getting rid of excessive hair on the back. The back is quite an awkward place to attempt other hair removal methods on yourself, and having laser hair removal solves this issue. Other options include waxing, but this can be quite painful and leave you sore and uncomfortable. Treatments can give long-term hair free results, but at the very least laser hair removal can thin body hair and make it lighter in colour. Any hair that grows back after treatment can be patchy and light, which will be much less noticeable and easier to remove than before.  

Considerations for Back Laser Hair Removal

Your back is quite a large area to have laser hair removal treatment on. This brings a few things that you would not really have to consider if you were having treatment on a smaller area. The laser treatment you choose will have to be suitable for a large area of skin. The pain of treatment is also something to consider. While most people find laser hair removal a relatively pain free process with only slight discomfort, having the process carried out on a large area can mean more pain and discomfort. Pain relief options should be considered before treatment on the back to help your comfort levels. Contact with the sun on treated skin should be avoided, and although your back is covered by clothes most of the time, this is still a large area that you may not always want to have to keep covered up.  If you do decide to expose the area to the sun, in-between treatment, a sun block must be worn  

Suitable Laser Treatments for Back Laser Hair Removal

Since the back is quite a large body part, a laser treatment suited to large areas of skin is best for use on your back. Alexandrite and Diode laser treatment systems are good for giving long term hair free results on larger body parts, and are also quicker at treating larger areas than other systems. Your skin and hair colour and type will determine which laser system is used to give you the best possible results. 

Number of Treatments Needed for Back Laser Hair Removal

Again, the number of laser treatment sessions you will need will be based upon your skin type and colour, and your hair type and colour. The average number of treatments needed on the back is around 6-12 but your practitioner will advise you on the number of treatments they think you will need to achieve good long-term results. Repeat treatments will usually be needed in the future to maintain your results. 

Treatment Costs for Back Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hai removal treatment on your back can be pretty expensive since it is such a large area. The price you will pay depends upon the amount of hair growth present, the type of treatment you choose, and your chosen laser hair removal clinic. The average cost per treatment session is around £170 - £250 for your whole back. Prices can be less if you are only having part of your back treated e.g. your lower back. The price of the patch test is usually around £25.

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