Long Term Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Because laser hair removal is a relatively new way to remove body hair and new treatments are being developed all the time, there is not very much data available on the long term effects of having laser hair removal. There is still much discussion and differences of opinion about the effectiveness of the procedure. In the past, clinical trials on laser hair removal have been slow and expensive to carry out and get results from. Data is being collected from patients and any studies taking place, but little conclusive information is readily available at the moment about the long term effects of laser hair removal treatments.

There is data to suggest that laser treatment is an effective form of hair removal, but many are still cautious and undecided over the safety, results and long-term effects of treatments. You should take this into consideration when making informed decisions about laser hair removal. 

Efficacy of Laser Hair Removal

There is information available about the efficacy of laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal treatment is generally deemed as being successful when you experience long term hair free results, or when hair growth is significantly reduced or delayed. After treatment you should see the hair on treated areas begin to fall out as it is pushed out of the skin and should continue to do so over the next few weeks until it is all gone. The amount of hair falling out after each treatment depends upon the body area.

The result of laser hair removal varies from person to person but you may get one of the following long-term outcomes:

  • You may achieve permanent hair loss, but this result is not guaranteed.
  • Hair may grow back in treated areas but you may see a reduction in the amount of re-growth. Hair can be patchy and thinner than previous hair growth.
  • The thickness of the skin on the treated area can also have an effect on laser treatment results. Areas where the skin is thinner tend to show better results than those which have thicker skin.
  • The new hair may be lighter in colour than before, which will make it less noticeable.  

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