Arms Laser Hair Removal

Excessive or dark arm hair is a concern for some women, particularly those of a darker complexion and colouring, as, with most visible body hair on the female form, dark or thick hair is seen as a masculine characteristic in most Western societies, thereby creating a feeling of reduced femininity for women who naturally are darker or have more pronounced hair types.  It can even create real insecurities for some individuals, resulting in lower self-esteem and negative body image and self worth. 

Waxing is one solution, but can be painful and time consuming.  Shaving is not really a practical treatment in this case, as the re-growth would appear particularly unattractive and un-natural.  In addition, it can cause complications such as folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle) and in-growing hairs, which, in extreme cases, can lead to infection. 

Although usually carried out on women, it can also be a good solution for men who consider themselves excessively hairy in this area.

The procedure can be carried out on either the upper or lower arm areas, or both.  It will usually take more than one treatment to realise the full effects – usually somewhere between 6-12 sessions.  Depending on hair type and density, the procedure should usually take somewhere in the region of 45-60 minutes.  If carried out correctly, it should be relatively painless and result in no/few undesirable side effects

It is worth considering that to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect, adequate thinning of the arm hair with laser hair removal can be achieved in less than the full 6-12 sessions. 

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