Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The many laser hair removal treatments available have been designed to be a way to remove problematic body hair on both men and women for several years. For legal reasons laser hair removal treatments cannot be described as giving permanent hair free results for life; some hair re-growth can occur after treatment; but laser hair removal is generally considered to be a long term solution for removing body hair when compared to other hair removal methods.

The results vary between individuals and it how long the hair free results last for depend upon how well you have responded to the laser hair removal procedure. Permanent reductions in hair growth are seen in the majority of people who have laser hair removal treatment. The more treatments you have, the greater the chances of you achieving longer hair free periods. Treated follicles may re-grow hair though, and repeat sessions will likely be needed in the future to maintain hair free results. It is important though to ensure that you have all the sessions of laser hair treatment stated by practitioners to help make sure that you achieve the best hair removal possible; the likelihood of getting long term hair free results without completing the stated number of sessions is small.  

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