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For thousands of years men and women alike have struggled to reduce the amount of body hair they have, and have used all methods available in order to manage this unwanted hair growth. From shaving to epilating to waxing we have used extreme measures to tackle our problem areas. Now new technology is available in our own homes to target the very root of the problem, using the most cutting -edge in laser technology.

Cutting Edge Technology

Using an at-home laser treatment system could eliminate the need to use razors – no more cuts and nicks in a hurry in the shower! No more uncomfortable and embarrassing waxing sessions before going on holiday! Investing in this system could take the strain out of hair removal, but it is important to do your research and find out if laser hair removal is for you and which system might suit you.

The Power of Light

Laser technology works by utilising the power of light. In laser hair removal an intense burst of light is emitted which works right down to the root of the hair follicle. The hair follicle is then affected by this intense light at the cellular level.  An IPL or intense pulsed light treatment, works in a very similar way except that it emits burst of intense light on many wavelengths as opposed to a single wavelength like a laser. The combined power of photo and thermal energy penetrates the dermal area using the melanin in the pigment of the hair and skin and affects the follicle itself. After repeated treatment this cell ceases to reproduce hairs leaving you with longterm smooth and hair free skin on any treated areas.

Colours of Light and Your Colouring

There are a range of different at-home systems which use different radiations or levels of coloured light. These different types of light can make them more or less effective on different skin pigmentation or hair colour. Other factors can affect how effective the treatment is, such as skin condition and ethnicity can also be a factor.

Laser Compared with IPL

Until recently laser hair removal had been available in salons and was used only by professionals, but now several of the industry leaders have developed systems which can be operated by anyone and can be used within the comfort your own home. The hand set resembles a hair dryer and is easily held against the skin with one hand. The intense bursts of light penetrate to the root of the hair causing it to fall out, and treatment could be required as little as twice a year. There are various systems and accessories to select from and it is important to choose the best one for you.

Who Can Use at Home Laser or IPL Hair Removal Treatments?

Both men and women are affected by unwanted hair growth, be it on their faces legs or back or any other body part. Tackling this has become a major industry and laser hair removal is one of the latest techniques to be introduced.

Who Cannot or Should Not Use a Laser or IPL System

If you have healthy skin there is most likely a laser system out there to suit you, and most people can use them through most of their lives. Those people with acne or photosensitive skin or those who are pregnant should avoid using the laser hair removal system. Also due to the levels of melanin anyone with red hair type cannot use laser hair removal as the light will simply not affect the hairs growth. There are also certain laser systems which are unsafe to use if you have extremely pale or dark skin as these skin types can be severely and adversely affected by treatment.

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