Nipple Laser Hair Removal

It is quite normal to have soft, fine and fair downy hair around the nipple.  Depending on your ethnicity, you may naturally have darker hair; and if your hair type is thicker, you may have more noticeable individual hairs in this area.  Normal fluctuations in hormone levels throughout a woman’s life can effect the growth of her body hair.  The teenage years, pregnancy and menopause are all recognised markers for when women might notice distinct changes in their hair growth.  Generally speaking, these changes are perfectly normal, although they may cause embarrassment or concern at first.   

However, one important point to bear in mind if you are considering nipple laser hair removal is the nature and duration of any unusual hair growth in this area.  All women should keep a close monitor on any changes to their breasts – not just any new or unusual lumps, swelling or discoloration, but also the growth of any sudden, unusual hairs.  In the event of any of these symptoms, it is vital that you contact a doctor immediately. 

Treatment to remove nipple hair by laser surgery needs to be carried out by someone extremely experienced in this particular type of procedure.  The skin in the area is particularly sensitive, and therefore slightly more prone to potential complications such as burning or scarring.  It is still extremely unlikely for such complications to arise as long as the treatment is carried out according to closely observed safety procedures.  The duration of treatment is approximately 5-10 minutes for each areola, with a potential need 6-12 treatments in all to achieve the desired result. 

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