Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Unlike the legs, which many women do not spend time shaving every day, the underarm area is the region of skin most likely to be shaved on a daily basis.  Other treatments, such as waxing, are more painful on this area than some other parts of the body, due to the thinness of the skin here and resultant heightened sensitivity.  Moreover, repeated shaving of the underarm skin can cause cumulative damage and dryness, as well as creating odour problems – stripping the skin here of the natural oils can cause over-production of secretions to compensate, causing distress for women concerned with hygiene.  This can be costly in terms of spending anti-perspirant and deodorant products.  Laser hair removal on the underarm hair area is the single most effective way to achieve a long-term effect, and remove some of these complications arising from other depilatory methods.  

As with all other laser hair removal treatments, due to the growth cycle of human hair, you may need to undergo the procedure a number of times – usually somewhere between 6-12 sessions, depending on your individual hair type.  Due to the limited area to be treated, sessions shouldn’t last more than somewhere in the region of 15-20 minutes.  If carried out competently and correctly, it should be painless (or little discomfort), with usually no undesirable side-effects, and the completed result is usually extremely aesthetically pleasing, removing as it does the complications of stubbly re-growth.

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