Number of Laser Hair Removal Treatments Required

The number of laser hair removal treatment sessions you will need is dependant upon several things. Your skin type, hair thickness and colour, the size of the area you have chosen to have treated, and how deep the hair follicles are in the skin, all determine how many sessions you may need to try and get good levels of hair loss.

Between 4 and 6 treatments are usually needed initially to achieve good hair reduction if you have been deemed a good candidate for a laser procedure. However, in most cases, 6-12 session are required for optimum results. This is only a general figure and every case is treated individually so these numbers may vary. Your practitioner will decide how many initial treatments you will need. Multiple initial treatments are needed to make sure that the body hair is targeted in all active phases of the hairs growth cycle. This aims to target as much hair as possible so as to achieve the best possible results.

Period between Laser Hair Removal Sessions

There needs to be a period of time between laser hair removal treatments during a course. The length of time left between treatments varies between practitioners. Treatments are normally spaced around 4 to 10 weeks apart, with the minimum being around a month between treatments. The reason for the gaps between treatments is to allow time for hair follicles which are in the dormant stage of the hair growth cycle to become active. This helps to target more active hair follicles and helps to give the best possible results. After the initial course of treatment you should see a good level of hair loss. Generally, around 70% to 90% hair loss is seen.

Repeat Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Repeat laser hair removal treatment sessions will likely be needed in future to remove any hair which has grown back after treatment. Hair which is not in the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle at the time of treatment will more than likely grow back. More laser hair removal treatments will target these hairs while they are in the anagen stage and will hopefully prevent these from growing back in future. These repeat treatments are likely to be needed at least a year after the initial course of treatments is complete. The more sessions that you have, the increased chances of getting long-term hair free results. Your practitioner should be happy to discuss any repeat treatments should the need to have them arise in your case. 

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