Latest Developments & Research in Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal as a cosmetic procedure is a relatively new concept; there is much discussion about it and a need for more research into the efficacy and safety. With new scientific research there will also be new technologies developed, providing more laser hair removal options for you.

Recent Scientific Research

There has been a lot of research into the field of laser hair removal in the last few years and there will be much more in the future. This research has covered many aspects of laser hair removal including how the unwanted hair is removed by lasers, safety issues, side effects and comparing different types of laser on different skin types. There was much research carried out in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, but there has been a lot of new research carried out in the last few years.

Since 2007, there have been many project reports published on a variety of topics related to laser hair removal. Many of these reports are available for you to view on the Internet, but many require you to pay a fee to view the full report. Report abstracts can often be viewed for free though, and this will allow you to get information on the results of the study. A lot of these reports have focused on safety and guidelines, pain relief and minimising side effects, and research into more effective laser hair removal treatments for blond, white and grey hair. The following is a brief summary of just some of the research which has been carried out in such areas:

  • “Laser – and Light-based Hair Removal: an Update” by David J Goldberg was published in March 2007. It gives a general account of all aspects of laser hair removal treatments which are currently being used. It discusses up to date laser treatments, treatments for different skin types, complications, and the future for laser hair removal technology.
  • “Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Study Evaluating Melanin-Encapsulated Liposomes as a Chromophore for Laser Hair Removal of Blond, White, and Gray Hair” by Sand et al was published in May 2007. This project looked at the effect of adding liposomal melanin to follicles which produce light coloured hair. This showed a slight increase in the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments on treated light hair.
  • There are many published articles on safety, complications and guidelines for laser hair removal. “Guidelines for Laser Hair Removal” by Angela S Casey and David Goldberg (2008) discusses safety guidelines for laser hair removal. “Complications of Dermatologic Laser Surgery” by Clarence William Brown Jr. (2009) discusses in depth complications of having laser hair removal treatment. These are just two of many reports on the subject.   

Latest Types of Lasers

Lasers have been legally used in hair removal since 1996. Since those original systems used back then there have been many advances made in laser technology, resulting in the development of new laser treatment systems. Long-pulsed lasers are a recent development and are currently being used in laser hair removal treatment. Such systems are the Long-Pulsed Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode and Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Nd:YAG).     

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