Chin Laser Hair Removal

Having hair growth on your chin can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially if you are a women and it’s not supposed to be there. There are different types of hair growth that women can get on their chins; from only a few fine, light hairs which are very discreet to thick, dark hair which can be very noticeable. There are many different hair removal options open to you for getting rid of this unwanted chin hair, but laser hair removal has emerged as an effective long term solution, and many women are now turning to laser hair removal over other treatments such as waxing.

Of course it’s not just women who can be frustrated with chin hair. Many men are unhappy with chin hair too, which can be too thick and heavy for their liking. Constant shaving can also be tedious and the cost of buying razors and shaving foam can really mount up. Like women, many men are turning to laser hair removal treatments as an alterative to traditional methods in the hopes of achieving that perfectly groomed, masculine look.

Advantages over Other Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal gives good long term hair free results in the majority of suitable candidates, which can make shaving and other forms of daily hair removal a thing of the past. The cost of having laser hair removal may seem expensive initially, but you can save money in the future on not having to buy hair removal creams and razors, and not having to pay a beautician for waxing and threading.  

Considerations for Laser Hair Removal on the Chin

It is always a good idea to have a patch test carried out before undergoing your first treatment session. The test patch will give you a good idea of what having laser hair removal treatment is like; it will let you see how your skin will react to treatment and show up any potential side effects; and will give an indication of the results you are likely to achieve from a course of laser treatments. The chin is also a sensitive area and you may find this more painful than if you were having treatment on other areas. You may want to consider this when making your decision on whether laser hair removal is right for you.  

Suitable Chin Laser Treatments

The most suitable candidates for chin laser hair removal are those with light skin and dark hair; treatment can be effective on darker skin but not all lasers can be used on every skin type. All forms of laser systems and IPL can be used on chin hair. Your practitioner will advise you of the best treatment for you. Try to be realistic about the results and always remember that laser hair removal on the chin and any other area is never classified as ‘permanent removal’ but long-term or ‘permanent reduction.’

Number of Laser Hair Removal Sessions for the Chin

The number of treatments you will need is similar to that for facial laser hair removal. This depends upon your skin type and colour, and your hair type and colour. Your practitioner will advise you on the number of treatments they think you will need to get good long term results. However, you may find that as the treatment progresses you may need to increase the number of laser sessions. On the other hand, you may also find that you are happy with the amount of hair reduction you have seen, and require fewer laser chin treatments than initially expected. Your treatment time for each session will be quite short due to the small area being treated. Repeat treatments will likely be needed in the long-term future, to maintain your results.

Treatment Costs for Laser Hair Removal on the Chin

The chin is a relatively small area to have treated, so the prices for treatment will be less than having a large area treated.

The general price range for chin laser hair removal is £40 - £60 per treatment session. The price you will pay depends upon the practitioner you choose. Normally you will also have to pay a fee for having a patch test done before treatment. This is normally not as expensive as a full treatment session, with the average price being around £25.

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