Laser Hair Removal of White/Blond Hair

Traditionally, it has always been harder to get good results from laser hair removal treatments on blond or white hair. With older laser technologies the treated hair would often grow back unaffected after treatment. Though today there is newer equipment available and laser hair removal treatment on white or blond hair is a much more viable prospect than before.

It is important that before having any treatment you are well informed of effective procedures for blond or white hair and that you thoroughly research practitioners and practices in your area so as to get a procedure that is right for you. Laser treatments for white and blond hair are relatively new and not all practices will have treatments that will be effective on your hair.

Effective Modern Laser for White/Blond Hair

Treatments which can be tailored to suit lighter hair, include Epilight and a hybrid system called ELOS. The Epilight system is effective on blond hair only. It usually produces stable levels of hair free results for several years after treatment. If hair does grow back after Epilight treatment, it tends to grow back as vellus (baby type) hair; this is much less noticeable than regular hair.

Electro Optical Synergy (ELOS) is a hybrid system which combines light energy and bipolar conducted electric current. It produces fewer side effects than other laser treatments. As it uses both light and electric pulses simultaneously is causes the electric energy from the pulses to go directly to the hair follicles which have been pre-heated by the light pulses. This produces a greater effect which is more focused than just a single light pulse. This makes it more effective on lighter coloured hair.    

The Alexandrite laser hair removal system can also be effective on white hair. This system includes Apogee, EpiTouch Plus and GentleLASE treatments.  

Pre-treatment Aids

Before having laser hair removal treatment light hair can be pigmented to help boost the chances of getting longer term hair free results. Pigmenting dyes your hair follicles and this effectively increases the efficacy of laser hair removal treatments and opens up more laser options which can be used on you. Meladine is an example of a pigmenting dye which is effective on light hair. It is made from naturally occurring compounds found in marine squid ink. This enhances the melatonin in the hair roots and helps the laser to target the light hair better.       

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