Which Areas can be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?

For many people, excess body hair can be a frustrating problem but there are numerous products on the market which promise effective hair removal results.

One of the most high-tech and successful methods currently available is laser hair removal treatment which aims to deliver long lasting results in just a few treatments. As the hair follicle is damaged by the beam of concentrated light delivered in this procedure, hair growth is reduced by up to 90% within months and with less pain than the invasive needles used in electrolysis.

One of the benefits of this treatment for people tired of constantly shaving and waxing is that almost all areas of the body are suitable for laser hair removal. Large and small patches of excessive hair can be removed quickly and conveniently. While each individual is different, 6-12 treatments are generally required for an effective outcome with the length of procedure dependant on the size of the affected area; small patches can be targeted within minutes whilst greater areas require a few hours. Results last much longer than traditional hair removal techniques although it must be highlighted that many patients find it necessary to have annual top-up treatments to remain entirely hair-free.

Amongst women, laser hair removal treatment is commonly used for the face and neck, the bikini line, arms, underarms and of course laser hair removal on legs. Laser hair removal for men, is also becoming increasingly popular, with many choosing to have excessive hair from the face, neck, back and chest removed in this way. For many people, laser hair removal provides a simple alternative to the tedious task of constant hair removal through shaving and waxing. However, it is important to be aware that results do vary from person to person and that this procedure may be unsuitable to those with Black or Afro-Caribbean skin or with light body hair.