What is the Average Price of Laser Hair Removal?

In recent years, laser hair removal has emerged as an effective and popular long term solution for people tired of constant shaving and waxing. To attain this level of hair removal however, it is necessary to undergo multiple procedures. Each individual is different and certain factors are significant (such as the size of area and hair type) but the average patient will receive 6-12 treatments to achieve optimum results. Furthermore, many clients find it necessary to have annual top ups to maintain hairless skin. It must also be highlighted that not every client will have successful laser hair removal and this must be considered before beginning treatment.

The cost of laser hair removal does vary considerably and is based on issues such as the area to be treated, the number of procedures required, the amount of hair involved and even the type of laser which will be used. Different laser clinics price in different ways. Some will charge per length of each treatment, meaning that the level of hair growth and the speed of the technician and laser are particularly important. Others charge a fixed fee per treatment, regardless of the amount of hair in that area or the time needed. Finally, several clinics use a price per laser pulse used system. This method can result in the cost reducing with each treatment as the amount of hair left decreases.

Undeniably, laser hair removal can be expensive although it is worth bearing in mind the overall cost of other hair removal techniques which are needed more frequently.  As a guide to typical current prices per treatment, small areas such as the upper lip can be as little as £40.00-£55.00, chest hair removal around £75.00-£140.00 and the full leg approximately £170.00-£320.00. However, many clinics offer discounts if booked in advance or with other treatments so it is worthwhile shopping around.