What are the Benefits of Waxing?

Getting rid of unwanted body hair can be a tiresome problem and many people find that methods such as shaving or plucking only provide very short-lived results. For those who are looking for a longer lasting finish, waxing can be an affordable and effective solution.

Just as with laser hair removal, waxing works by destroying the hair at the root rather than the surface. This means that each of these procedures require a certain level of hair growth before they can be carried out, which can be inconvenient. While the former undoubtedly provides much longer hair reduction, nonetheless waxing will typically provide a satisfactory result of 3 weeks hairless skin – for some people this can reach up to two months.

Another clear advantage of waxing is that, in contrast to the shaving quick fix, waxing will not result in cuts or a stubbly re-growth. Moreover, often when hair does return it is much more fine and sparse.  In addition, many customers believe the skin itself feels softer after waxing. This, however, does not mean skin irritation will not occur – it must be stressed that rashes do sometimes appear. Waxing must not be carried out on skin that is already irritated or on moles and a good beautician will be aware of this.

In terms of cost, waxing prices will vary from salon to salon but there is no doubt that this form of hair removal is significantly less expensive than high-tech solutions such as laser hair removal. Home kits can also be purchased at an even lesser price, although it is worth bearing in the mind that many people find waxing quite painful and believe it would be difficult to perform on themselves.

Therefore, while waxing is popular and has some advantages over shorter term solutions such as shaving, there are nonetheless some negative aspects of this method of hair removal.  For those looking to significantly reduce the level of body hair maintenance, options such as laser hair removal are now widely available and it may be worth doing some research in this area to find a more suitable solution to unwanted body hair.