Is Laser Hair Removal more Effective than other Hair Removal Treatments?

Unwanted body hair is undoubtedly a major problem for many men and women and it can be difficult to know what the best option is for total hair removal. One long-term solution which is becoming increasingly popular with both sexes is laser hair removal at a specialised laser clinics and carried out by trained professionals.

Using powerful beams of light which target and damage hair follicles, this modern method has a high success rate of up to 90% hair removal which can last indefinitely and be used in almost all areas of the body. This level of hair reduction is much greater than the results of most traditional hair removal products. Shaving and depilatory creams, for example, are often viewed a quick fix solution as unwanted hair undeniably returns very quickly. Moreover, shaving frequently leads to razor cuts and the skin can feel bumpy. Sensitive areas, in particular, often do not react well to this form of hair removal.

Another popular solution, waxing, does have a relatively long lasting effect as the procedure removes the hair from the root rather than the surface. Depending on the speed of hair growth, the treated area can remain hairless for up to 8 weeks, although around 3 is more common, and does not create the stubble associated with shaving. Furthermore, it is often the case that when hair does re-grow it is much finer and comes in more sparsely than with shaving. This technique, however, can often be inconvenient as a good level of hair growth is needed before it can be carried out. In addition, many people find waxing a painful experience.

In contrast, laser hair removal is typically found to be almost painless although mild discomfort should be expected. The procedure itself is straightforward; hair must be shaved and cleaned and an anaesthetic cream will be applied before the beam is directed at the area to be treated. While multiple procedures are required (approximately 6-12 dependant on the person and the affected area) and some patients do need annual top-ups, for many people laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting solution to the tiresome problem of excessive body hair.