How much does Electrolysis Cost?

The high success rate of electrolysis, does come at a price. Most clinics will charge per session; a typical current rate is around £15-£20 per 15 minute procedure. As with laser hair removal, electrolysis will require multiple treatments. The number of these will vary and depends on factors such as the size of the area to be treated and the density of the hair growth. It is worth highlighting that electrolysis is considered to be much more time-consuming and painful than laser hair removal which is able to target multiple procedures simultaneously. For this reason, the latter is generally preferred by those looking to have large areas of hair removed.

When considering clinics, it is important not to simply go with the cheapest offer. While the side effects associated with electrolysis are generally mild and temporary, permanent scarring or skin damage can occur if carried out incorrectly. Therefore, it really is worthwhile doing thorough research and ensuring that the clinic and the technician who will carry out the procedure are reputable and experienced.