Is Electrolysis Painful?

Electrolysis works by discharging an electrical current into the hair follicle, via a needle inserted into the skin, causing so much damage that hair re-growth is significantly reduced. This procedure has consistently proven itself to be the most effective way of long term hair removal and some patients have even reported permanent hair loss. To achieve best results however, multiple treatments are required which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Another problem with electrolysis which should be highlighted is that many people describe the treatment as rather painful. Naturally, pain tolerance varies from person to person, and it has been claimed that modern electrolysis methods have reduced the pain level but it is something to bear in mind when considering treatment. Moreover, as each hair has to be targeted individually, treatment can be quite lengthy which may add to the feeling of discomfort. For this reason, those who are looking to have large areas of skin treated may be better suited to laser hair removal which can tackle more patches at once and is generally considered to be less painful.

Pain killers can be an effective way of combating the pain caused by electrolysis and it has been suggested that it also may be worthwhile taking one around an hour before treatment.  Washing and exfoliating the area beforehand is also a good idea and this will remove dead skin cells which may be blocking the hair follicle. After treatment, it is highly recommended to avoid sun exposure in the affected area to prevent skin damage and if any scabbing has appeared, it must not be picked. Finally, please remember that while electrolysis does have a successful track record, results do vary and the level of hair loss cannot be guaranteed.