Which Hair Removal Solutions can be done at Home?

Hair removal is an essential part of life for most men and women but the solutions offered in clinics and salons, such as laser hair removal or waxing, can be expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there now exists a great variety of hair removal products which can be used at home that will provide good short-term results.

One method which is quite effective is plucking the hair out with tweezers. As the hair is pulled out individually however, this really is only suitable for stray hairs as to do larger areas would be very time consuming.

Arguably the most popular form of hair removal for men is shaving, and it continues to be a common short term fix for many women as well. This is a convenient solution as it is quick and easy, reasonably cheap and generally pain-free (aside from the occasional shaving cut). Hair doesn’t need to be left to grow for too long before shaving but the downside of this is that the results are not particularly long lasting. Depending on the body’s hair growth pattern, hair should return within 3 days and for some people this can be as little as 24 hours. In addition, skin can sometimes be left feeling bumpy or with a shaving rash.

Another common home hair removal method is the use of depilatory creams. Once again, this is a fairly quick process. The cream is applied and the chemicals it contains breaks down the hair follicle. After 5 minutes it is ready to be rinsed off to reveal the hair removal. As with shaving, depilatory creams only attack the hair at the surface, rather than the root, meaning that the results are short-lived and the process will need to be repeated frequently in order to maintain hairless skin.

Using an epilator should provide longer lasting hair removal. This device literally pulls the hair from the root, rather than the surface, and delivers results of hairless skin for around 2-4 weeks. The downside of an epilator however, is that it can be quite painful and therefore sometimes difficult to carry out the procedure by yourself.

Finally, while it is arguably more common to visit a salon for this treatment, it is worth remembering that home waxing kits are also widely available. Just like an epilator, waxing attacks the hair root thereby guaranteeing longer lasting results of up to 8 weeks. Skin is often left feeling smoother than after shaving and in addition, further hair growth is often much more fine and sparse. Once again, however, this solution can be quite painful and as a result many people find it easier to have it carried out by a professional.