How long does Laser Hair Removal take?

For many people, unwanted or excess body hair is a frustrating problem and the sheer number and variety of hair removal techniques available can be overwhelming. Laser hair removal works by directing a concentrated beam of light to the targeted area which is absorbed by the skin and kills the hair at the root. As a consequence, the hair is less able to grow, creating long lasting results.

Another important advantage of laser hair removal is that large patches of hair can be targeted at once and almost all areas of the body are suitable. However, as not every hair is destroyed in one treatment, multiple procedures are needed to achieve a completely hair less finish.  The number of these are dependant upon numerous factors including skin type, hair colour and hair growth. Hair grows in cycles but at different rates; the lasers used here are designed to attack hair when it is in the growth cycle so multiple treatments are required to catch each hair at this stage. The amount needed varies from person to person, although 6-12 can be seen as typical for optimum results. Similarly, the length of the each procedure is different for each individual and, depending on the size of the area to be treated, can range from minutes to a few hours.

In addition, there needs to be a period of time between each hair removal procedure and patients will find that this also varies. A minimum of a month is required between each treatment in order to allow hair follicles in the dormant cycle to reach the growth state, although it can be as much as ten weeks apart. A good level of hair reduction should be seen after the first dose of laser hair removal and this will increase after each treatment.

While the results of laser hair removal are effective and long-lasting, some clients feel that an annual top treatment is necessary to maintain hairless skin. However, there can be no doubt that for many men and women, laser hair removal provides a convenient solution to the tiresome problem of unwanted body hair.