Is there any Preparation needed for Laser Hair Removal?

Whilst the results of laser hair removal procedure are particularly effective, it is worth bearing in mind that any treatment involving lasers does involve some risks. In the case of laser hair removal however, adverse side effects are relatively rare and there is some preparation that the patient can undertake to help minimise any hazards.

Firstly, as a precautionary measure to achieve optimum results, waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams must be discontinued in the area that is to undergo treatment in the weeks prior to the laser hair removal procedure. Within 24 hours before treatment, at home or often in the laser hair removal clinic, it is necessary than the hair patch is shaven as closely as possible. This will allow the beam to more effectively target the root of the hair, rather than the surface, and cause maximum damage to the follicle. Some clinics also advise that products such as body lotions, make up and perfumes are avoided on the day of treatment to avoid interference with the laser. 

As the lasers used in this procedure are designed to target melanin (the substance in the body which gives skin and hair its natural colour) it is advisable to be as pale as possible for laser hair removal treatment in order to achieve the best results and avoid burning. This means patients need to stay clear of tanning (by the sun or with fake tan lotions) for several weeks before the procedure. In addition, patients need to be wary of sun exposure in the weeks after laser hair removal and it is advised that sunscreen is worn in the affected area for 48 hours afterwards.

After laser hair removal, the affected hair may feel swollen or irritated. This is common and generally these problems resolve themselves within a few days. If symptoms persist, patients are advised to contact the clinic for further advice.