What are the Long Term Hair Removal Solutions?

Although some laser hair removal clinics advertise laser hair removal and electrolysis as permanent solutions to unwanted body hair, many hair experts would highlight that this cannot be guaranteed and that results will vary. Indeed, it may be better to instead think of these as effective hair removal methods which provide significantly longer lasting results than waxing or shaving. This is reflected in the price as both electrolysis and laser hair removal can be considered quite expensive, although this must be weighed against the cost of paying to remove hair more frequently using short term solutions.

Of the two, electrolysis undoubtedly has the best track record of producing significant hair removal for an indefinite period of time. The procedure works by inserting a needle into the hair follicle, under the skin, and releasing an electrical current which should then prevent further re-growth. The problem with electrolysis is that many people find the procedure extremely painful and, as each hair is targeted individually, it can also be quite time consuming. Furthermore, as individual hairs grow at different rates, and because the hair needs to be at certain points in the growth cycle for the procedure to be effective, multiple treatments are required to achieve best results. For those with very dark skin however, electrolysis may be the best long-term hair removal option. While lasers are improving, patients with Black or Afro-Caribbean skin need to be particularly cautious of laser hair removal as the high level of melanin in their skin means that it is more likely to burn or scar as a result of treatment. Electrolysis, on the other hand, does not target pigment and therefore skin colour is not a barrier.

For those who shudder at the invasive needles used in electrolysis however, laser hair removal can be a much more comfortable experience. Another advantage of laser hair removal over electrolysis is that large areas of hair can be targeted much more easily and quickly and that the procedure can seem much less painful (although discomfort can be expected). As with electrolysis, multiple treatments are required with laser hair removal to achieve optimum results. In addition, many people find that annual top-ups are also required in order to maintain hairless skin. As mentioned, skin type is a significant factor and traditionally it is those with light skin and dark hair who achieve best results. New lasers mean that this is becoming less of an issue, but it should nonetheless be considered before undergoing this treatment.

The important thing to remember when considering either electrolysis or laser hair removal is that it is vital to find a reputable clinic. While adverse side effects are rather rare in both procedures, this risk can be significantly reduced by doing your research and ensuring that the practitioner is skilled and experienced.