Can Men Wax their Hair?

Whilst shaving the facial area has long been an important ritual for the male gender, in recent years the removal of hair from other parts of the body has become equally important for many men. In larger places such as the back or chest, most will find that shaving simply does not provide very good results but there are other options available to achieve hairless skin.

For a relatively long lasting finish which is both affordable and effective, many men are turning to waxing. This procedure is very straightforward and consists of applying wax to the skin, bonding a strip of cloth and ripping it off. Waxing attacks the hair at the root rather than the surface, meaning that skin should stay hairless for around 2-4 weeks. In addition, continued waxing can lead to an overall reduced level of hair growth and therefore less treatments needed.

Almost all areas of the body can be waxed and most salons are now very welcoming to male customers. However, it must be stressed that waxing can be quite painful. This is especially true of sensitive areas and for those men looking to have the genital area groomed, it may be wise to consider other hair removal options.

One method that is becoming increasingly popular is laser hair removal. As with waxing, this procedure attacks the hair at the root by directing a specialised laser at the designated area. Laser hair removal is generally not considered painful - mild discomfort, however, can be expected. Another major advantage of this treatment is that hair is removed for a much longer period of time, some customers report permanent hair loss although generally annual top ups are required. The problem however, is that multiple treatments are originally required for optimum results and this can become quite expensive.

In conclusion then, waxing can be an effective solution for men looking to remove body hair. However, it is not always the best method of hair removal and it is worth taking time to consider the other options available.