Is there a Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

Unwanted body hair can be a frustrating problem and for this reason many people ask about the possibility of a permanent hair removal solution. While many laser hair removal clinics advertise long term hair removal treatments as permanent, some hair experts would argue that this does not yet exist.

This is because results from long-term hair removal methods continue to vary from person to person. Electrolysis, for example, is widely considered the most successful way to achieve long lasting hair removal and it is true that many patients do find the results to be permanent. This cannot be predicted however, and some people may simply not react to treatment. Nonetheless, electrolysis can generally be regarded as an effective way to banish unwanted body hair. The procedure requires a skilled technician to slide a metal probe into the hair follicle and discharge an electric current which will destroy the hair at the root. While highly successful, the main problem with electrolysis is that, as it targets each hair individually, it can be quite time consuming and many people find it painful.

In contrast, the long term solution of laser hair removal is typically described as uncomfortable rather than painful. Furthermore, the average length of a procedure is much shorter as the lasers are able to target large areas of skin rather than individual hairs. As with electrolysis, multiple treatments are required to achieve optimum results but this can result in hair reduction of up to 90%. In addition however, many patients find it necessary to have annual top-ups to maintain hairless. In this regard, it seems excessive to describe laser hair removal as permanent.