Is it OK to Shave Pubic Hair?

Unwanted body hair in the pubic area is becoming an increasingly important issue for many men and women and it is often asked if it is ok to shave this region. Undoubtedly, shaving pubic hair requires a bit more time and care than shaving other parts of the body but this does not mean that it is not suitable- indeed, many people find it an effective way of remaining groomed.

The important thing when shaving is to avoid nicks and cuts which may feel particularly painful in this sensitive area and a good way to achieve this is to invest in a good razor. A quality shaving gel or cream is also essential and it is a good idea to take a warm shower or bath to relax the skin and hair follicles. In addition, it is also helpful to give the hair a trim before shaving as this will reduce the amount of hair the razor has to cut through.

The problem with shaving pubic hair is that it can leave the area feeling bumpy and painful ingrown hairs may also appear. Moreover, as with all areas of the body when shaved, the results will not be particularly long-lasting and hair growth may return within a few hours. For those who feel particularly strong about having minimal pubic hair it may be wise to look at other options. Waxing is popular, if a bit painful, and generally lasts a few weeks as it destroys the hair at the root. Another possible solution is to invest in laser hair removal. This method is relatively straightforward, can be carried out easily in a laser hair removal clinic and should deliver much longer lasting results. Although multiple treatments are required, the fact that the pubic area is quite small will reduce the number needed. Furthermore, while laser hair removal is often considered expensive, again the small size of hair to be treated should help to reduce laser hair removal costs.