What are the Short Term Hair Removal Solutions?

The best hair removal solution is dependent on the individual; their skin type, hair type and personal preference. In addition, the size of hair patch to be removed is significant. Plucking, for example, is quite an effective method of hair removal but as it only removes one hair at a time, is very time consuming and really only suitable for getting rid of individual stray hairs.

With both sexes, one of the most common short-term hair removal solutions is shaving. For men certainly, this is the most popular way of removing unwanted facial hair and many women find shaving a good quick fix for those times when letting hair grow is inconvenient. The advantage of this method is that it is easy, fairly cheap and, unlike laser hair removal, can be done quickly at home. Moreover, aside from the occasional cut, it is usually a completely pain free procedure to carry out. The problem however, is that the results do not last long at all – indeed, many people find that the hair has re-grown within 24 hours. This is because shaving only destroys the surface of the hair and can also therefore leave the skin feeling bumpy or with an uncomfortable rash.

Waxing, in contrast, destroys the hair at the root meaning that the results are much longer lasting.  Depending on the speed of hair growth, the treated area will typically remain hairless for around 3 weeks although this can reach up to 8. Moreover, when the hair does return it is often more fine and sparse than with shaving. The disadvantage with waxing however is the inconvenience of letting the hair grow in preparation. In addition, it can sometimes feel quite painful. This solution can be done at home although arguably it is better to book an appointment at a salon in order to achieve more successful results.

A further painful, but effective, form of hair removal is with an epilator. As with waxing, an epilator damages the hair at the root and generally provides results which last 2-4 weeks. However, many people find using an epilator extremely painful and again a level of hair growth is needed before the procedure can be carried out.

Finally, a less painful solution that can be carried out at home is the use of a depilatory cream which will dissolve keratin in the hair shaft at the skin’s surface. As with laser hair removal, depilatory creams are useful for sensitive and difficult to reach areas such as the upper lip and the bikini line. Due to the chemicals involved however, they do have a pungent smell and, as with shaving, the results are not particularly long lasting.

In conclusion therefore, there are a number hair removal products which can be easily done and provide effective, short term solutions. Many people are completely satisfied with these traditional techniques, although it must be highlighted that there now exists more advanced, high-tech options which aim to deliver longer lasting hair removal. Such options include, laser hair removal.