What are the Side Effects of Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is quite an invasive procedure and therefore it is essential that the technician is skilled and experienced. Whilst the side-effects of electrolysis are typically mild and temporary, problems can arise and this must be considered when considering treatment. Skin infections or scarring can be caused if not carried out properly so it really is worthwhile doing your research and making sure that the laser clinic/practitioner is reputable.

In most cases, as electrolysis is generally considered to be quite painful, skin will continue to feel tender or swollen for several hours after the procedure. Scabs may also appear and it is best not to pick these as this will increase the possibility of infection or scarring. Anti-septic cream may need to be applied and, as with laser hair removal, it is also highly recommended that sun cream should be worn post treatment in the affected area. If you experience any adverse reactions to treatment it is vital to speak to a GP or dermatologist. Finally, it should also be highlighted that hyperpigmentation is another possible side of electrolysis but bear in mind that this is extremely rare.