Will Laser Hair Removal make Hair Thinner?

While thick body hair can be an embarrassing problem, it is often the case that the client is not looking for complete hair removal. Some men, for example, prefer an element of body hair to a totally smooth and hairless finish and laser hair removal is an ideal way to achieve this result.

Using a concentrated beam of light to damage the hair follicle, this procedure has a particularly high success rate of up to 90% long term complete hair removal. However, as not every hair is destroyed in one procedure, this result relies upon multiple treatments; approximately 6-12 sessions are usually required, dependant on the body hair and speed of hair growth. To maintain a small amount of hair in the selected area, the client could request just 2 or 3 laser hair sessions which would leave some follicles untreated and able to continue growing. This would result in thinner body hair in the treated area. However, it must be noted that hair growth may become patchy with some areas having more dense hair than others.

In terms of laser hair removal cost, it is undeniable that laser hair removal can be quite expensive. While package deals are available at some laser hair removal clinics, prices are generally dependant on the amount of treatment needed and this clearly varies depending on the size of the affected area and the level of hair growth. The fact that hair thinning requires less treatment should automatically help to reduce costs but it is definitely worthwhile shopping around for the best deal with a reputable practitioner.