IPL at Home

The latest innovation with IPL hair removal is the availability of home use IPL devices. Commercial use IPL machines are big and bulky, can cost upwards of £1000, and are used for a number of different purposes such as treating problems with veins, as well as hair removal. Home use systems, however, are a lot smaller, and are developed specifically for removing hair. They are widely available in shops at a number of large pharmacies, as well as online, and cost around £300-£1000. Many users report these devices being very easy to use, and there are a number of advantages to purchasing one, but they do lack the professional touch. If you have never tried IPL or any kind of light or laser based treatment before, it is advisable to seek IPL at a clinic or salon first, to check that you are suitable – even if you only get a test patch done. Bear in mind, however, that some clinics and salons charge for a patch test. Home use devices will have additional safety precautions to follow, which will vary depending on the device, so always make sure you read all the instructions first. The devices do of course have safety features to prevent accidents.

Pros and Cons of Home Use IPL Devices

There are a large number of advantages to purchasing a home use IPL device. If you are hoping to treat a large area, such as your back or legs, it can be more cost effective, as a device can cost around the same amount as a single professional treatment session. Owning your own device can also offer flexibility – as soon as hairs in the area start growing back, you can treat them straight away instead of having to wait for your appointment at a clinic or salon. Many devices also offer flexibility in terms of how strong the light is. Although the weaker settings will be less effective at removing hair, they are ideal if you have a low pain threshold; you can switch it to a stronger setting at any point if you feel ready. The main disadvantage, however, is the lack of professional help. A professional at IPL would most likely be able to achieve better results, offer advice should you need it, and take care of any problems that occur. Some parts of your body that you want to treat may also be difficult to reach, and you may need someone else to help even with a home use device.

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