History and Background of IPL

Lasers are becoming increasingly popular for use in medical and cosmetic procedures such as acne, varicose veins, and tattoo removal, and treatments utilising light are also becoming common for treating psoriasis, seasonal affective disorder, and so on. Hair removal or reduction is just one of many uses of lasers. Its potential as a hair removal method was first investigated when scientists and doctors using IPL for treating skin problems noticed a loss of bodily hair on the treated area of patients. In the 1990s, it was proven that intense pulsed light was an effective method of hair removal, and IPL machines were developed and marketed for this purpose. The first machine was approved for use in 1996 in the USA. The technology has since expanded and improved, developing methods of laser hair removal, IPL hair removal, LHE (light heat energy) hair removal, and so on. IPL hair removal is available at clinics and salons all around the country and rapidly grew in popularity since its creation in the 1990s, and became the third most common cosmetic treatment in the USA in 2010. The latest innovation in IPL hair removal, and other light or laser treatments, is the introduction of IPL devices that you can buy and use at home.

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