When is IPL Hair Removal Most Effective?

IPL hair removal, as well as most other laser or light based hair removal methods, is most effective when the hairs are in the anagen phase of growth, also known as the ‘active’ phase. This means that the hair is actively growing – rather than resting, having grown to its full length, or shedding so that a new hair can grow. The length of time that hairs stay in the anagen phase is genetically determined, and can vary with the individual according to a number of factors, including ethnicity, colour, and the area of the body. It is during the anagen phase that hair removal treatments such as IPL are most effective because there is a higher concentration of pigment (or melanin), germ cells, and the growth of new cells; all of this makes the hairs more vulnerable and open to damage from light or lasers. It  is estimated that around twenty per cent of hairs are in the anagen phase at any one time, so repeat sessions will be needed.

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