Who Performs IPL Hair Removal?

More often than not, IPL hair removal will be performed by a trained doctor, nurse, or surgeon, at a clinic or surgery. It is also, however, available widely at beauty salons, performed by trained beauticians. Since it is a popular procedure, there are a large number of clinics and salons that offer it, so a practitioner should not be too difficult to find. It is, of course, always recommended that you shop around or seek the advice of your GP beforehand, and make sure that you choose a practitioner who you are sure you trust and are comfortable with. Bear in mind that at present, clinics and salons offering laser and light based treatments for cosmetic purposes in England, including IPL hair removal, are no longer required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is an organisation that regularly inspects machines and practices to make sure they adhere to minimum safety standards. Many regions in England, however – as well as other countries – do have local health and safety standards that clinics and salons must follow. If this is something that concerns you, it is best to use a clinic you are familiar with and can trust, ask your practitioner about safety standards, or pursue an alternative hair removal method instead. There are also now a number of home use IPL devices available. However, these can be costly and would lack the help of a professional, and are not always recommended if you have never received IPL before – a test patch at a clinic or salon, however, could be useful to see if you are suitable for IPL.

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