How Many IPL Sessions Will I Need?

The number of repeat IPL sessions you will need will depend on your hair type, your hair’s growth cycle, and the exact area being treated. Generally, you may need anything from three to ten sessions overall. Sessions are usually scheduled about a month apart. Many more sessions may be needed if you are suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). The reason multiple sessions are necessary is because IPL cannot absolutely guarantee the removal of hairs, only the reduction. In order to be removed permanently and not grow back, hairs must be treated with IPL in the anagen, or ‘active’ phase of growth. As different individual hairs may go through this phase at different times, different hairs will therefore get removed in different sessions, depending on when they enter the anagen phase. After these initial sessions, to reduce the hair in the area to a comfortable level, an additional session once a year or so may be necessary.

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